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The images on this website are created from original high resolution scans of my own ongoing collection of vintage side-by-side, Realist-type format, stereo slides.

CSI doesn't even have a dust-and-scratches filter powerful enough to "disappear" all of the mold, scratches, partial prints, and the myriad of other fuzzy mystery things from old slides without destroying a lot of the image integrity. And so, each slide must be painstakingly, manually cleaned and then restored; requiring hours of Photoshop clone-brush image-painting.

When restoring a stereo slide, I have to consider the importance of the subtle, optical relationship of both images making up a stereoscopic pair and how they must be identical in hue, density, size and relative positioning. Every slide pair comes with its own special set of challenges. I OCD sharpen, carefully color restore and retouch, prep for, and pay for the printer, and slide mounts (which are becoming incredibly difficult to find).

Once I've received your prints from the printer, I carefully cut and mount, then inspect, pack, and ship, each piece out to you myself.

It's a LOT of work! As an artist, knowing that my work is appreciated by collectors gives every slide a very special meaning for me.

Thank you for your patronage.
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Go Directly to Ebay Auction Items
Go Directly to Ebay Auction Items

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